Today almost everyone has access to a mobile phone and they are buying everything you can think of from that device. If this is true then why not be optimized for fast and easy to use web browsing experience?

So, we have set out to make that happen on as many platforms as we can!

Mobile Website Design done right

The difference we make does not really add anymore or less work, we just build sites on a platform that makes cense and it works.

Why it’s important…

You may or may not have noticed when you did a Google search that most of the web results that you will find say that they are mobile friendly and this has been going on for some time already. You see when you hit that enter button for whatever your looking for, Google or other search engines go out searching for that topic and they want to bring you back the most relevant content based on the words you typed.

As of early 2015 Google submitted an update to there algorithm to look for mobile friendly sites. This is mainly going to impact you if your site isn’t friendly to mobile phones, it doesn’t seem to be affecting searches done on a desktop. That may change in the future. So I would act now and get your site on a platform that is optimized for mobile devises.

If you don’t know how your site stands you can go and check with Google’s little tool- www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly

What Should You Do IF Your Not Mobile Friendly?

First you must find out what platform your website is built on, WordPress, Weebley or any others. Then you either need to get your IT guy or gal to update it. Sometimes it is just better to move it to a whole new platform.

As you may see that our site is built on Weebly and it is a responsive theme. That means we don’t have to take any special extra action for us to be mobile friendly. This theme will automatically will adjust for whatever size of  display screen is that you are using. Makes it simple for us and great for the end user.

If you have any questions about getting your website set up to be mobile friendly you can always send us a message over on our contact page and we will defiantly help you out!

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