Creating a Mobile Online Presence

Here at our goal is to bring to you the latest and greatest in website building and web-page optimization for the smaller screen size that phones have.

As you continue to read through the pages you are going to not only learn why it is important to be friendly to mobile devices on your site, we are going to share with you great ways to set up you web-site to attract buyers for your product or services.

​Buckle your seat belt and get ready for an amazing ride through the www as we see it!

The Internet (World Wide Web)

The internet is a very fascinating virtual library of information that is at the end of a mouse click away. Some things you will find will drive the way you live your life and others, well you may want to get a second opinion. The fact is you can’t believe everything you find that is published. Nothing you haven’t heard I’m sure! lol

If you truly want to create a dominating online presence to get your product or service out to the masses, then you need to follow a few tips so peeps don’t land on your page and then bounce on out after 2 seconds.

1) Be relevant to your topic. This just pisses me right off when I roll up to a website that I land on because of and interesting photo or something, then to have them come at me with some sort of long drawn out sales pitch that promises me to double or triple my income in the next 2 minutes. Man I get sick of that! Can you relate?

2) You want potential buyers to stay on your site learning about your services or contacting you to buy. You will want to have your phone number at the top of every page, ‘clickable’ if you know how and an opt-in form to collect their info to be able to follow up with them. (later on I will give you some examples of how this looks)

3) (very important) You must dominate the internet space of your topic. You must learn how to do SEO if you want to play in this arena. This is one of the most valuable skills you can lean in my opinion. If you know how to position yourself in front of hundreds if not thousands of potential buyers that is money in the bank. Of course there is a ton to learn and I’m not saying everyone can do it. It takes skill and a great work ethic to make it work.

4) Domination starts with a well built website that your customers can actually find when they search for a product or service that they need. (Here, check out one of my sites that I built for my contractor in Pocatello). You can look at the website as home or bottom of you funnel. Then you want to build out other properties like: Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and many more.

5) Then you will need to list your name, address and phone number in as many local directories around the web. This will not only give your website a shout-out, but it will create other avenues for potential customers to find you.

6) Ultimately our number one goal is to help make your phone blow up with new business and of course to help you make more money! If you could hand me let’s say- $5,000 and I was to hand you back $15,000 every month would it be worth it to you? Obviously that last sentence is a hypothetical example, but that is the way I wan’t you to think about what is possible for us working together.

For more information you can send us your best contact and we can complete a free evaluation to make sure we are a good fit for each other. My time is limited because I personally complete the web domination process.

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